CrowdFlik Enterprise™ - delight your app users when you embed our sdk; then create instant multi-cam videos from our automated video editor

crowdflik enterprise™

Embed the CrowdFlik SDK in your app to give your users the most collaborative and comprehensive mobile video platform enabling the power to create and share multi-cam videos while you grow engagement, interest and activation and plenty of potential for monetization of UGC content

Delight your users with CrowdFlik mobile video technology.

Why CrowdFlik matters:

Automatic video synchronization when users share their video with you.

Automatic video grouping based on time/location and event.

Automatic Multicam video creation to produce unlimited professional quality videos of any length from all of the best angles use Machine Learning

Key Features

Must-have features include:

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Give your users the power of CrowdFlik by simply embedding our SDK into your app. Contact us to schedule a demo.